How do you afford it?!

What’s the number one question I get?
And no, it’s not “Are you Single?” 😆
Hard to believe right? 🤣
It’s a question I get ALL the time

“How can you afford to travel? To live the way you do?”

“How do you afford it Andrea?!”
Do you know what my no.1 reason is? 
The number one reason why I believe I can easily live the way I do – I have had no full time work since 2000/2001 and I travel extensively around the World – it’s been 2 years now permanently travelling – and I’ve never once passed up an opportunity because I ‘couldn’t afford it.’ 
And no it’s got nothing to do with selling body parts, getting paid for drug testing, being a Hooker, an inheritance, or dealing in anything dodgy – or dealing or selling anything what so ever (in case you were wondering) or even ‘working and saving hard.’

Not at all.

None of that.
I believe it has to do with what comes out of my mouth. 

It’s to do with the words I utter (or more so, the words I would never ever utter.)
You will never hear me say

“I can’t afford it.”


How many times do you say the words “I can’t afford it? but really it’s a little lie?
Probably 99% of you reading this could ‘afford’ it, but isn’t it more so that you just don’t CHOOSE to spend your money on something?…..

That It’s just NOT that high of a priority for you right now?……

Spending money on that thing isn’t what YOU WANT to spend money on?….
Which is COMPLETELY different to saying you can’t afford it!
Maybe you spend $5 for a coffee every day, $10 for a glass of wine or beer, go out for a $25 meal, buy a ‘treat’ at the Petrol station – all things that probably aren’t adding much value to your life? 

Well maybe Not in the same way saving your money to catch a flight to visit a country you’ve always wanted to visit…..

A ticket to a concert or show…..

buying sporting equipment……

taking your children on holiday…….

a race entry…….

or maybe an investment in your health like a Coach, going to a Retreat, or buying organic foods 

(or whatever it is that you’d REALLY like to do with your money and time.)
But if money IS a challenge, I urge you NOT to use the words “I can’t afford it.”
Thoughts become words, and these words shape your life (for better or for worse.) 

You literally become what you think about.

The more you say you can’t afford something, the more you won’t actually be able to afford it.
It’s freaken so awesome how this all works!
And how’s this for giving you something to think about; when you justify why you don’t have something – to justify is to lie…..
What lies are you telling yourself that isn’t true?
So no I’m not rich, and I don’t have an income coming in funding my life..

I don’t work and I have no idea where my next lot of money will come from – but I have plans to travel all throughout the World – hell im doing it now. 
I don’t need to know the how (how everything will happen, how I’ll get the money) I just need to know the what (what I want to do) and the rest will take care of itself 

– you only need to read all my FB posts the past 8 years to know that it’s something I believe – and something I live by. 
It’s all happening perfectly! 

(Yes even the imperfect, crappy times.)
So maybe have a think about the top 5 things you say, the top 5 things you tell yourself, day after day after day.
…..I’m fat….I’m no good…..I’m always late….I never have any money….I never win anything….I can never do anything right…..I’m too shy…..I’m too lazy….I’m so unmotivated…..I can never save any money…..I’m not good enough
Do you tell yourself things like that?
So are these words helpful?
Are these words positive and uplifting? 

Insping and encouraging?
How long have you been saying them about yourself?

5 years? 

10 years?

20 years?

30 years?

Since you were at School? 

Since you were a child?
I dare you to change them. 
You’ve been saying such horrible put downs to yourself for so long, they haven’t been working right? 

So change them!
Think about what you want, NOT what you don’t want and flood your thoughts with these things.
Pull yourself up, not drag yourself down!
And never ever say, I can’t afford it 😉

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