Munda Biddi Trail Magic

Nearly a week ago I set out on the 1000km Munda Biddi off road trail from Perth to Albany. 

I’ve been blessed with beautiful weather and am having the most amazing time.
Here’s a post from my FB page on my journey so far….

The Mundi Biddi trail is amazing! Currently having such an amazing time cycling (and quite often pushing) my bike. 
I’m getting my fill for free from the heaving citrus trees in the small towns, the people I met are incredibly friendly – even the local kids riding their bikes, the sun is shining, the trails are tough, and the huts are fantastic. 
The Vistors Centres in the local towns offer free hot showers, wifi and a charging service – and plenty of lovely chit chat.

I have had plenty of reception (although not that I really want it for personal reasons) but I can stay in contact with my clients and even had a Coaching call at a hut watching the sun set in spectacular colours over the ocean.  

#CoachAnytimeAnyPlace 😉

The tiny villages I pass through have cafes which even sell yummy Vegan food – one of the last things I expected!

After a 70km detour to buy myself some warm socks and a beanie from a second hand store, I’m now toasty and warm in my -3 youth sized sleeping bag at night – I couldn’t believe how cold it was! 
I happened to kill one of my gear cables, quite conveniently whilst I was detouring 70km to town. The guy at the Bike Shop was very unhappy with me as I wanted him to do it straight away so I could get back onto the trail and meet the cyclists coming through on the Ride to the Rock Race. 
Turns out my cables aren’t lined (I now remember a team mate pulling them out when he tied to fix my bike in an Adventure Race #gutted) The whole procedure took 90 mins!

– normally it would be a 10min job. 

The guy was cursing and carrying on. I felt so terrible!

Surprisingly he was pleasant to me afterwards when I profusely apologised (and I managed to miss the cyclists which was pretty devastating.)
Interestingly yesterday I saw that my other cable has also been damaged (I had my tent accidentally resting on them bouncing up and down) and I find it hard to believe the Bike Shop guy didn’t see it – and he knew I had 800km to go.) 

So my fingers are crossed all will be ok – I sure need gears whilst riding the trail with all my gear!

 – Oh and I even got some fluffy pink slippers for wearing around the campsite too! Kinda unnecessary but they’re so light and look hilarious (my Cycling Hippy label is diminishing pretty quickly haha)

Oh and I’ve already got holes in the ass of my bike pants #luckypeople
Loving this!!!

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