The magic in Mandurah

An opportunity came up for me to look after 3 rabbits and house sit in Mandurah, Western Australia. I had never been to WA before and it seemed like a perfect experience to settle to write my book on my Myanmar and Thailand experiences.

It was my first Winter in nearly 7 years. It was also the coldest Winter in Mandurah in more than 30 years. Coming from 35-40 degrees in Myanmar I spent the first 3 weeks curled up in bed with a hot water bottle. I have never felt so cold!
I joined a Gym, the ToastMasters public speaking club, a communal workspace and it could be argued, I settled into a pretty ‘normal’ existence.
I offered my Coaching services for free to 3 Women, more  of a self centric move, as I absolutely love helping people realise how amazing they are and help them achieve success in their lives – and such amazing success they have achieved! I have felt so blessed to be part of their amazing journeys.

I myself had two Coaches and worked with them closely to help me achieve my goals. I’ve managed to write 1/2 of my book, titled “Roads less Travelled: A Women’s journey of cycling adventures and self discovery in Myanmar and Thailand, and in life. It’s so exciting and I can’t wait to share with you all my fantastic experiences and insights.
Writing this has been one of the most humbling, challenging and rewarding  experiences of my life. I just wish I could write faster!

I also detoxed my body with a juice cleanse with the MasterFast and killed a whole host of parasites and fungus that had been infecting my body, as well as gained so much vitality, energy and youth. I still have a long way to go to change my internal terrain and clean out my body, and when I can I will return to the MasterFast, but right now I’m feeling amazing.

In 3 days time I head on my bike again to cycle the Mundi Biddi 1000km cycle trail from Perth to Albany, and plan on cycling the Coast back to Perth, although I may cycle to Adelaide….I’m going to just see what happens! (whilst i also continue to write my book!)

I’ll take you on my adventures on Facebook, Youtube and on my blog, so stay tuned.

Only if you risk going so far, do you know how far you can go!

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