Cycling from Chiang Mai to Chennai – Is it possible?

So this is what plan I devised after spending 2 weeks as a Nun at a Thai monastery …..

5000+km from Thailand through Myanmar to India by bicycle.

That should keep me occupied for the next few months 😉

However I don’t have any time for planning.
Strike whilst the crazy idea is fresh I say.
I’m leaving on Sunday!
– And I’m still living at the Monastery with no access to my Bike or no Myanmar Visa yet haha.)
Flying by the seat of my bike!!! 😉

Oh and it’s the hottest time of the year. 40-50degree temperatures will be my friend – and guest houses with no electricity in Myanmar at night – so no fan- that is if I don’t illegally wild camp that is! 😉
Why wait until the time is perfect I say (PS it never ever ever is!)

Trying to sort my permit to be able to cross from Myanmar to India and looks like it will set me back US$160 (not including my US$50 Visa.)
However most places are closed for 2 weeks on holiday, and they say a permit will take 30 days to get.
Not looking good for me to leave tomorrow!!
It will be interesting to see how this will all turn out!

So the Word from the private agency that sorts out the permit to be able to enter through into India.
I am shocked.
They won’t even take my money!
Apparently I can return back to Thailand (after cycling India) and cross the border for a crazy fee of US$160, and then pay $50 for a Visa. This ‘permit’ is a simple piece of paper with my name on it which allows the Officials to literally open the door on the border. That is it.
It is a 1 way $80 fee, but they seem to have made a rule that you can only exit the same way you enter (although people can get away with not doing that, which makes me think “Money making venture!”) But that doesn’t explain them not allowing me to pass 1 way.
Thou shall not pass! it seems….

It was suggested I could bypass the Burmese Officials and simply get stamped into India without an exit stamp.
Yes that means illegally crossing out of Myanmar. And to be honest I was seriously considering it. There’s a km of no mans land and sounds like a sleepy border crossing….But really, A: I am a Woman riding a bike alone so will probably draw attention to myself, and B) who knows what could happen to me if I don’t succeed, what trouble I could get into, not to mention I’d then need to backtrack 2000km and pay US$3 a day whilst I get out of the country.
Oh and then I’d also have be completely fearless (and probably stupid) to try and sneak out of a Country too.
So not really good options…

So, what to do? What to do?

Well I don’t want to waste my Myanmar Visa for nothing so I could make my way to Bangkok via Myanmar and then fly over to India (with my Bike)  probably to Kolkata.
Or I could even cycle down to Kuala Lumpur and then fly to Chennai.
It is the hot season right now and temperatures are hovering 40+ degrees but with 70-80% humidity, which appears it will get higher – so not really a nice time to ride. But hey when ever is the perfect time?

To be honest I am secretly hoping when I cross the border at Mae Sot in Thailand to Myawaddy in Myanmar that they might tell me they have a special on border crossings in the next few weeks and allow me to pass.
One can only hope.
So really the plan is, that there is no plan.

I’ll leave on Saturday and I’ll figure things out as I go.
Perfect! ; )


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