Living as a Nun in a Thai Monastery

Don’t be worried if you don’t hear from me in a while….I’m living in a Thai Monastery about 30km out of Chiang Mai.

I’m the only Foreigner here, so it couldn’t be closer to the experience I’m forever after – it’s just perfect, and besides India will still be there when I get to it. 😝

One of the head Nun’s, who used to teach English to Primary School kids 38yrs ago can speak good English and she cured herself from Colon Cancer 10 years ago with a Vegetarian diet (no meat, no fish, no dairy, but she does eat eggs) so we get along well.
In fact she said she thinks we were Cousins in a past life, so I assume that means she feels comfortable around me which is great!
She keeps bringing me into the Kitchen to cook (and get people to cook) Vegan meals for us both and I get to sit with her in her special eating place.
This is pretty awesome although really hard to keep up my raw food diet when special Vegan meals are being cooked for me (but this is usually after I’ve quite happily filled my belly from the food offerings) and then I have the woman I wash dishes with hunt me down to give me freshly cut pineapple and mango ha!

So so soooo much food!

So so soooo beautiful are these gorgeous people!

But how glad am I that we fast from 12pm – 7am!!!!
(2 meals only a day, 7am and 11am)

Thank my lucky Spirit Guide!!

One of the Nun’s students is a sweet young girl (well about 12 years younger than me) who is showing me the ropes and she’s so excited to practice English on me.
She’s also teaching me a lot of Thai (and so are most of the Nuns which is awesome) so my notebook and my brain is really full.

I was excited to practice my selfless service – the kitchen is always such a bustling, interesting place; thinking I’ll do anything but the bathrooms.
But of course, not wanting something brought it into my life, ” You can clean the bathrooms!”, however being told, “clean bathroom = clean mind I was eager to get stuck right in.

So home is 4am wake ups, a plastic mat on a tiled floor to sleep on in my own cottage, chantings in Sanskrit, walking meditation, sitting mediation – and the energy in the place is so strong, when sitting, my left hip and leg gets so sore after about 5 mins, so it sure is a challenge! However it’s not like Vipassana (thank my lucky Spirit!) where part of the meditation practice involves not moving for the whole hour 😳
Oh and did I mention the piles of beautiful Vegan Thai food my belly is full with?

I couldn’t ask for a more awesome experience.
I’ve been told I can stay here as long as I’m good. I’ve never been known to be bad 😉 so we’ll see how it all goes.
Oh and I get to go out during the 38degree hot sunny days and ride my bike (if I like.)

How freaken cool is this?

Real cool!

See you on the other side!!


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