Cleaning the internal pipes – The MasterFast System,

Whilst nursing a very tired and worn out Adventure Racing body in November in Chiang Mai, I stumbled across the Masterfast System by a Master Gino on Facebook.
People were posting pictures of black sludge and long white worms they had (somehow) pulled from their bodies. It looked as though they’d shat all over the floor.
I was horrified.
I was also intrigued.
That stuff had come from inside their bodies? Which could also mean that stuff could be inside my body?!
But I’d been a Vegan around 2 1/2 years, surely my body wouldn’t have all of that the inside it?
Videos from people that had been Vegan for 9+ years and done Juice and Water Fasts had the dark sludge pouring out of them. I was very new to the whole idea of detoxing and intermittent fasting to me was a stupid idea.
I had a lot to learn, and even more to unlearn.

I watched hours and hours of videos, read all of the Facebook posts and discussions and tried to learn as much as I could.
These people would dry fast (that is take in no fluids of food for long periods of time to loosen the crap from inside the body) and live on a diet of cooked Grape Juice and  fresh lemon, and a psyllium pudding mixture (to help pull the crap from the body) and herbal tinctures and tea (to support the  internal organs.) They’d then do colonics or enemas to release the crap from inside them, and then post pictures of them digging around with toothbrushes in the toilet bowl to pull out the unsightly critters. To this they’d receive much exclaim from their fellow Masterfasters.
I couldn’t believe what I had come across.
These people are crazy, I thought to myself.
I reckon  I could give it a go…..maybe I could try it?

I continued to spend months watching and learning. Hours upon hours I watched Dr Robert Morse, a Naturopath unlike anyone I’d ever come across talk about the great Lymphatic system and the importance of getting the kidneys filtering to remove the acids from the body (the dis-ease many were facing.)
Urine was praised if it was dark, sedimenty, and had a thick or creamy look. That was the yardstick to enabling the body to rid itself of imbalance.
I couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought urine had to be pale and clear.

Fast forward 2 1/2 months later, my body still feeling tired, lethargic, my heel injury not healing and me believing Adrenal Fatigue was paving my slow way in the World, I saw Chrisse’s post inviting people to stay at her Organic fruit Farm and do the MasterFast. I was currently in Taupo, my Felt Bike and I living out of my Van as I waited for my Indian Visa to come through. I contacted her immediately and said I’d be there tomorrow. She was keen, I was excited; I was going to do the Masterfast!

Getting all the supplies I’d need turned out to be a right challenge. It was 2 days later that in torrential rain late at night I spent hours writing in an exercise book all my reasons and goals for doing the fast, just an hour away from Kaiwaka.
I was committed to giving this my best.
I was quietly frightened.

Chrisse’s home was absolutely beautiful, nestled on 4 acres of fruit trees in a community  type set up with 7 other houses. I was to be in the 1 bedroom cottage away from the house. No wifi reached the room, that was perfect. But the sun sure did reach the deck surrounding the cottage, which was even more perfect.
The house had a compostable toilet which was apparently not suitable to take the enemas I would be doing daily. I bought myself a 50c bucket from the second hand store. That was to be my toilet for a month. The ancient tree behind the cottage was to be the proud recipricant of my internal grape juice drawn sludge.

“So you’re dry fasting from now?” Chrissie asked me.
I rather nervously agreed.
I had tried stretching the period between dinner and my breakfast (or morning decaf coffee) over the past few weeks and all I had managed was 15 hours.  To start with a 24hour dry fast was the minimum.
I was all in.

Chrissie took me down to

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